How to create Turkish worksheets with jumbled sentence order?

This is a great worksheet generator for testing learners’ knowledge of Turkish sentence structure. Enter your text in the box provided, and this worksheet creator will change the order of the words in your sentence(s).

Simple Turkish sentences follow SOV (subject, order, verb) structure, opposed to the SVO structure used in English, Spanish and many romance languages. So for example "I drink coffee" can be translated directly as "Kahve içerim". Here, because verbs are conjugated depending on the subject, the pronoun is dropped so there is subject, the subject is implied in "içerim". Vocabulary is important but it's also important to know which words go where in a sentence.

To begin either copy and paste your text in the box or type it in and this worksheet generator will change the order of the words in your sentence(s). 

In terms of customization, you can enter a title and choose whether you want all words to appear in lowercase or in sentence case for new sentences. You can also choose the font and size of the text. There is also an option to remove original commas and quotation marks to increase the difficulty level of the exercises.

The Turkish jumbled sentence worksheet you create will be ready for you to print in A4 format. When printing, you may select how many worksheets you would like to have without answers and how many with answers. The worksheets with answers will show the sentences in the correct order (as you entered them).

Once you have printed your Turkish jumbled sentence worksheet, your students can start practicing right away! You can even get the students to mark their own work – with these worksheets students can check their answers using the answer sheet. We have lots of other resources for learning Turkish.


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