How to use this Turkish wordsearch creator?

This is a really fun worksheet generator that will consolidate a student's knowledge of Turkish. This resource creates word searches with Turkish words of your choice, so you can use this worksheet generator for diffferent themes or vocabulary sets. 

Enter the words that you want followed by a space and choose what size grid you want. The word searches can be ordered from top to bottom, left to right and diagonally (up and down). So if the word has 7 letters, it will appear across 7 squares. You can also choose the font used. The generator will add random Turkish letters to the grid too.

There is also a separate answer sheet highlighting the answers available in different colors and you can choose how many pages of without answers and how many with answers. Random letters are added to the grid too. It prints in A4 size. 

If you are using this worksheet in class, you can use it to make a game out of studying by challenging students to see who can find the most words in a set time or you can set this wordsearch as homework.

We have lots of other resources for creating learn Turkish worksheets, like fill in the gap, scramble words, and create Turkish word number bingo sheets. 


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